15/04/2016 11:30 PM AEST

This 3-Ingredient Mixture Gets Rid Of Underarm Stains -- For Good

You probably have these ingredients in your house already.

Few things can ruin a shirt quite like underarm stains. Those odorous marks have a way of persisting wash after wash -- and it's not like off-color pits is any kind of style trend. So, instead of cycling your tops through the laundry a ton of times and just hoping it's enough to eliminate your underarm stains, try using this cleaning method from Linda Cobb, Queen of Clean:

First, mix the following ingredients into a bowl:

  • 1/2 c. baking soda
  • 1/2 c. hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 c. water 

Then, spoon generous amounts of the solution directly onto the stains. (Linda demonstrates this in the above video.) Next, work that solution into the fabric using your hands.

When you're done working it in, leave the shirt alone for 30 minutes, then toss into the laundry as usual. That's all you have to do, Linda says. "No more underarm stains and no more pits."

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