05/09/2016 5:00 AM AEST | Updated 05/09/2016 5:00 AM AEST

Want to be an essay writer? Now follow these simple Steps to make it easy

Writing an essay can be a confusing task. If you have never written one, then it could even be scary. Essays are a common form of writing and are recommended in many environments. An essay may need to be written for admissions into college, or for a college assignment. This process does not have to be stressful. There are several steps that can be used to assist with writing a custom essay.


The first thing that needs to be done before constructing an essay is to pick a topic. A topic can be a free choice option or it may be given to you. Either way, the topic is what the essay should revolve around. If you have the option to pick your own topic; then choose one wisely. A choice of topic should be something you enjoy talking about or comes naturally to you. This will help you tune into the essay better and understand what you’re writing about.


Before you begin on the immediate essay, it is a good idea to create an outline. This will include areas of the topic you want to discuss. It will help you stay on track when writing and can give you an idea of what your essay will focus on. An outline can make the writing process go smoother and easier because you know what you already including in the essay. It allows you to link ideas about your topic and put them on paper.

Write the topic on a piece of paper and list the main points of that topic. Then list the points of the main points that benefit the topic. This will give you ample amount of information to write about and can increase the structure of your essay. It is a good idea to have this done first and then you will know what to discuss in your main points.


The introduction of your essay should introduce the topic that you chose. You will want the introduction to give a desire to the reader. Having a desirable introduction can keep the reader intrigued and want to continue reading the essay. Use an idea that will grab the reader and allow all of their attention on the essay. It could be informative facts or a summary of what they will find out once they read the essay.


The essay will have a body. This is where you use your main points and can relate them to the topic. The essay can be a description of the topic, an explanation of what the topic is, or an argument. The argument can give a proper argument about the topic and the main points. Whichever you decide will be fine unless you have specific instructions for a certain type of essay. Each paragraph should involve the main idea in a sub header or first sentence.This lets the reader know that this is the topic you are now discussing. It is easier for the reader to understand and follow as their reading along.


The conclusion of the essay will be where you wrap up the information. Let the reader know what was discussed and give it a good final ending. It is good to have at least four sentences in this section. Be sure to give a summary of what the essay was about. This will conclude your essay and let the reader know it is ending.