20/01/2016 5:24 AM AEDT

10 Weird Sleep Products You Need In Your Life ASAP


We'll be honest: We know that sometimes getting the right amount of sleep is challenging.

There are busy schedules, kids' bedtimes and everyday worries that stand in the way of a good night's rest. But getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night is crucial to your health and happiness. So what's a sleepy person to do?

Enter these wacky, yet totally genius sleep gadgets. They'll be sure to help you get your Zs in no time. Sweet dreams!

1. This hoodie pillow designed to block out all the light.


Snooze until noon. You can buy one for $29.95.

2. These temperature-regulating sheets to help you stay cool.

Sharper Image

No night sweats here. Try this set from Sharper Image, starting at $139.99.

3. This scarf that doubles as your new favorite pillow.

Trtl NapScarf

Warm and functional -- what more could you need? You can purchase the Trtl NapScarf here for around $29.

4. This inflatable hoodie for when you need a nap on the go.


No bed required. This project was fully backed on Kickstarter and will be available to order soon

5. This alarm rug that won't shut up until you get out of bed.


Annoying? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. The Ruggie has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and is available with a pre-order pledge of $82 or more.

6. This handy smartphone app that makes you work out when you wake up.

Apple / Wake N Shake

Two birds, one stone. Wake N Shake is available for $0.99 on the app store.

7. This perfect pillow which allows you to snooze anywhere.


Goodnight, sweet world. You can purchase the Ostrich Pillow for $99 here.

8. This arm pillow for your side-sleeping needs.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Where has this been all your life? Buy it online for $99.95.

9. This diabolical alarm clock app that takes you back to math class.

Apple / FreakyAlarm

So smart it hurts. You can download the FreakyAlarm app for $1.99.

10. These fly pajamas that really mean business.

Amazon / ZBoss Inc

You know, just in case all the alarms above still don't work and you have to head out the door in a hurry. You can buy them on Amazon for $169.99.

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