25/09/2019 9:26 PM AEST | Updated 25/09/2019 9:31 PM AEST

Woman Says Burger King Sold Her Raw Chicken Sandwich

Charlotte Parker said the meat in the sandwich she was served was as "raw as it could be, pink as it could be.”

An Arizona grandmother is chicken to eat at Burger King after she was sold a sandwich that contained raw meat.

Charlotte Parker of Goodyear said she purchased the sandwich last Thursday for her 13-year-old granddaughter.

The girl took a few bites when she commented there was something different about this particular sandwich.

“Caitlin got hers out, took a couple of bites and says, Nanny, what’s wrong with this?” Parker told local news station KTVK. “I said what do you mean what’s wrong with it? She said, look at it. She handed it to me, and you could see the meat was raw as it could be, pink as it could be.” 

KPHO via Inside Edition
A woman in Goodyear, Arizona, says she was a sold a raw chicken sandwich at her local Burger King.

Parker said when she contacted the restaurant, employees apologised and offered a refund. However, their reaction left a bad a taste in her mouth.

“I don’t think they understood my concern,” she said, according to Inside Edition. “To me, they seemed very nonchalant. Like, ‘Oh well, we didn’t cook it long enough.’” 

Parker’s concerns were amplified because she has another granddaughter with a weakened immune system.

“If it had been Layla, it could’ve possibly been death,” she said.

Burger King’s corporate offices have since released a statement apologising for serving the sandwich.

“We have very strict protocols guiding the cooking process at restaurants, and we take any issue regarding food safety very seriously. The restaurant owner has retrained the restaurant staff on our cooking protocols following this incident,” the statement read. “Separately, the owner has reached out to the guest to offer a refund and explain the actions the restaurant has taken to ensure this does not happen again.”

However, it may not be an isolated incident. At least in Arizona.

Phoenix New Times reports that another woman had a similar experience at a different Burger King last week.

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