17/03/2016 7:07 AM AEDT

You Bet Donald Faison Remembers The Song From 'Remember The Titans'

You're killing us, Petey.

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Denzel Washington in a scene in "Remember The Titans."

When The Huffington Post got a chance to speak to actor Donald Faison, he gave us some fun anecdotes about his former "Scrubs" co-stars and even dished some dirt on his BFF Zach Braff. 

But perhaps the most emotional part of our interview with Faison was a question relating to his role as "Petey" in 2000's tear-jerker "Remember the Titans." When asking Faison if he remembered the words to the movie's iconic song, he gave us the best answer ... ever. 

Listen below: 

"Yeah, I remember that shit."  

You're killing us, Petey! 


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