27/03/2016 6:35 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Strangest Things People Outsource In Their Relationships

When Tim Ferris outsourced his online dating to his VA and found a long-term girlfriend, I wondered if he was onto something.

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Young man playing guitar to his girlfriend in nature - dating couple

I once spent my lunch break delivering a tub of Ben & Jerry's to a stranger with a love note that read "Babe, sorry you're having a bad day. Wish I was there to make it better". It wasn't that I needed the extra $20 -- I just wanted to help a girl make a romantic gesture.

Long working hours, endless to-do lists and an always-on digital world has turned time into one of the most valued commodities in our life. Who doesn't want to swap a Sunday's worth of cleaning and laundry for brunch with friends instead?

When Tim Ferris outsourced his online dating to his VA and found a long-term girlfriend, I wondered if he was onto something. Turns out he is not alone. Apart from hiring someone to deliver the occasional flowers or chocolates to surprise your significant other, here are some other interesting tasks people have outsourced in their relationship.

Babysit a surprise treasure hunt

Trent organised a surprise treasure hunt for his girlfriend and needed someone to mind a spot near the Opera House, to ensure his plan would go ahead smoothly. The idea proved to be a hit -- it shows effort and, when it comes to romance, effort really counts. For those looking to go above and beyond to create the perfect date but don't have time to do all the prep work, this is the way to go.

Sing Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You'

Want to express your undying love via a classic romantic tune but can't sing to save your life? Follow in the footsteps of Katharine, who outsourced the deed and even liaised with her husband's colleagues to coordinate the whole surprise. If you're feeling inspired you can read about it here on Airtasker.

Wait in line to score Yeezy 350 Boosts

If your partner is a fashionista who's constantly eyeing the latest trend pieces, this one should spark some inspiration for you. Bianca organised for someone to camp out for two nights, just to get her hands on a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts for her boyfriend's birthday. Yeezy Boosts are one of the most coveted fashion items on the market, making this task one hell of a romantic gesture

Buy five baguettes from Sydney's Best Bakeries

Dating a foodie? They say the way to anyone's heart is via their stomach. Audrey's boyfriend is a baguette lover who receives baguettes in the mail all the way from France via his mum. Claiming he's never had a decent baguette from Sydney, Audrey took on the challenge by asking a dedicated Airtasker to pick up a baguette from Sydney's five best bakeries, to be delivered to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Now that's dedication. The price to pay for this sweet deed? $40.

Borrow a dog for a day

Coupled up with a dog lover who can't have a pet because you live in an apartment? Why not surprise them with a puppy for the day? It's exactly what Cohen did for his girlfriend. You can even indicate the type of dog breed you prefer.

Outsourcing your love life definitely has its perks. For all the time-poor romantics out there, this is the perfect way to delight your significant other and score some brownie points.