05/02/2016 3:01 PM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

The Three Cities You MUST Visit Before You Die

London, Paris, New York... the three giants of the travel world that most of us will have on the bucket list. There is a reason millions of people will continue to return time and time again.

mattjeacock via Getty Images
City skyline including Paris, London, New York and Sydney

London, Paris, New York... the three giants of the travel world that most of us will have on the bucket list.

I have lived in London, maintained extended residences in Paris and experienced the energy of The Big Apple more than once. There is a reason these cities are so special. There is a reason millions of people, like myself, will continue to return time and time again.

They are not like anywhere else.

Have you ever visited a town and thought it reminded you of somewhere? Chances are the influence originally came from one of these greats. Living in Sydney, the little districts of the inner city constantly remind me of the boroughs of London. Each suburb has its own feel and even 'type' of people. Newtown is Sydney's answer to Camden Town for sure.

The one thing they all have in common is they are all constantly growing, evolving and changing -- whilst remaining stubbornly true to their histories and defining nature.

The Cool City

London. Home of the original hipsters and long-standing pub culture. Home of punk, royalty and multicultural awesomeness. From world-renowned markets to endless food options, it's impossible to be bored. And with a transport system that will get you pretty much anywhere within 20 minutes in a clean and efficient manner, you will come to expect a tube to be available within 100 meters in any direction every four minutes. Waiting any longer just isn't acceptable.

The Beautiful City

You will never know what romance looks like in the form of a city until you have visited Paris. Commander of all things love, she dominates this category with her old-European charm. Winding alleyways spilling over with secret cafes and restaurants, constant displays of art and fashion, endless perfection in pastries, wine and cheese. Love it or hate it, the City of Light is continually voted the most gorgeous city in the world, and remains unapologetic for its mysterious French ways.

The Fast City

You will never know what fast feels like until you have nearly been taken out by a New-York-City taxi. Manhattan is a flurry of constant activity, cocktails and careers. A decidedly different breed of Americans, the natives prefer to identify themselves as 'New Yorkers' (much like Parisians).

From the glamour of the Upper East Side to the trendy Meatpacking District, there is no denying the star-quality feeling of being on this enormous movie set. Walking the streets of New York, everything just feels BIG. Its infectious, uplifting energy will leave you out of breath.

Cities are not for everyone, and they are certainly not for me all the time either. Some of my favourite places in the world are located between mountains and by the ocean. And, like all major cities, they come with their downfalls; dodgy areas, pollution, and some very crazy people.

However, there is no denying these big players contain everything we've come to expect from a grand city and then some. If you haven't been to visit at least one of these amazing, bustling cities, you are missing out on some serious fun.