10/11/2015 9:08 AM AEDT | Updated 15/07/2016 12:50 PM AEST

I Hope This Blog On Annoying Sayings Doesn't Make You LOL

Zoonar RF via Getty Images

Forget grey hair or wrinkles, nothing makes you feel older than hearing terms the kids are saying and not knowing what they mean. Or, thinking that they are lame and pointless even though you had the equivalent when you were young. But we can't just blame the youth -- some long-standing traditional sayings are just as irritating.

Here's a list of sayings that ​I​ find partially annoying.

My bitches. Or any form in which a female refers to her friends as bitches, or biach -- which doesn't soften it -- it's still classless.

Girl Boss. Why must we state that the boss is female? Why can't she just be a boss? Pointing out that it's a female taking charge sets us back about 70 years in the feminist and gender-equality stakes. You don't see successful men being called Boy Bosses, do you?

Entrepreneur. Why is everyone an entrepreneur all of a sudden? In my day that term was reserved for shady figures who involved themselves in unsavory or illegal activity. Now every second person you meet claims they are an entrepreneur. Just say you started a blog/cleaning service/brick laying business and get over yourself.

It's all good. Unless you are a rapper, namely MC Hammer, or play in the NBA, in which case you may continue.

Moving forward. Had you planned on moving backwards? Do you have a Delorean? Can you Moonwalk?

With all due respect. You are not about to pay that person any respect at all with what immediately follows those words. You really mean: "Hey, d!ckhead, listen here."

I could care less. Good, care less then.

Thanks in advance. A.K.A Just do what I am asking, and don't answer back.

Sorry not sorry. Pardon?

I literally died. Please look up the definition of the word "literally" and then literally punch yourself in the face.

Nomnomnom. An onomatopoeia of you stuffing your face is never necessary, ever.

Next Level. Are you playing Super Mario?

Amazeballs. What is an amazeball anyway? Why can't you just say "amazing"? This can only be made worse with a 'totes' in front. Thanks for nothing, Perez Hilton.

LOL. Unless you are actually laughing out loud, in which case you may continue.

ROFL. I have never witnessed as many people rolling on the floor laughing as is claimed.

My bad. Please see 'it's all good', above.

Tee it up. Unless you are Adam Scott. And if you're reading this, Adam, I permit you and your peers to also use par for the course.

Think outside the box. I have never had a thought inside a box. Except maybe "why am I in this box?"

Blessed. Mostly used with a hashtag in front of it, unless God came and consecrated your breakfast, you're just eating an Acai bowl (or taking a photo of Bondi Icebergs Pool) like the rest of the peeps on Instagram.

Peeps. Okay, we all slip up from time to time.