22/04/2016 6:48 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST

Thanks For Saving My Life, Whoever You Are

A blood bag looks like heart on the stand. Include a clipping path. 3D render.
BlackJack3D via Getty Images
A blood bag looks like heart on the stand. Include a clipping path. 3D render.

Dear Stranger,

Thank you for helping to save my life. I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for you.

We don't know each other but if I met you I'd give you a hug, shake your hand, buy you a coffee, or something like that. I have you to thank that I'm here today. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, that's just the truth.

That day you decided to give blood was just another day for you. You made a last-minute decision to donate and squeezed the visit in between grocery shopping and an important deadline at work.

But to be honest, I don't care how or when you did it. The point is, you DID it. You took a few minutes from your day which helped ensure a lifetime of minutes would follow for me.

Thank you for your noble generosity. You expected and received nothing in return except for an immense glow of satisfaction. I certainly hope that is what you experienced because it's defiantly what you deserve.

I am so grateful for your kindness. You have no idea how much your generosity has meant to my family and me. You'll never meet my mum, dad, brother and sister but they also want to send their immense thanks.

They lost count of the number of times they've been at my bedside and witnessed your gift restore my fragile body. Again, I don't wish to sound overly dramatic... that's just the truth.

My husband wants to thank you too. He's a wonderful man and I wish you could meet him. We got married a few years ago.


Lisa and her husband on their wedding day

Amongst all the wonderful memories I have of that day and of all the reasons I had to smile, I took a moment to whisper my thanks to you, wherever you were.

I wanted to send you a photo from our wedding but I didn't have your address -- so I'm writing this instead. I really hope it reaches you.

With sincere gratitude,