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If Your Life Is A Lemon, Here's How To Turn It Into Lemonade

And if things turn sour, there's always tequila and salt.
Sometimes things aren't so easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.
Sometimes things aren't so easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

No matter who you are or what you do, at some point in every person's life the powers that be will hash out some lemons. It is what a person chooses to do with these lemons that determines their strength of character.

Some people choose to suck on them and have their mouth tainted with a bitter taste that is hard to eliminate. Some decide to embrace the opportunity to emotionally eat and make lemonade (or lemon cake, or lemon ice cream.) You get the point.

When life chooses to give me lemons I tend to say stuff it and eat the lemons, but only after I have bought the tequila and salt to go with them.

There are silver linings in every crisis we face and there are always two ways of looking at situations. At critical point, a crisis is all-consuming and you feel like you will never remember how to smile again. I'm here to tell you friends that it is all about perspective, there are two sides to every story.

If you are eating the bitter lemon, stop right now. No matter who you are, you have experienced at least one of the below, and this is how a tequila drinker would deal with it.

Being broke.

All but a few lucky ones have been here. Paying for a beer with the coins you find under your car seat, considering walking 10kms home in the rain because it's Uber surge hour or swearing to your real estate agent that the rent has definitely been transferred (it most definitely has not).

Being broke is all-consuming, but the lesson it will teach you is that air is free, you won't die from an overdraft and there are so many happy hours that won't judge you when you pay in five cent coins.

Getting fired.

Being fired is both a shock to the routine and confidence levels. But do you know what, if you were fired you probably weren't trying that hard anyway. If you weren't trying hard, you didn't care. There is no need to summon caring energy post event.

Getting dumped.

Breakups are tough for everyone. No matter the duration of the relationship, that person is part of your life story and will be permanently written in to your autobiography.

Despite the heartbreak and mind-numbing confusion of shared assets, finances and (hopefully not) children, you can actually have all the lemons during a break up. You are allowed to be bitter and angry (handy when your boss is being mean), you are totally allowed to over eat, and then you can go out and get drunk on tequila.

Being in between homes.

Being in between homes sucks, particularly if you have furniture and must pay for an end-of-lease clean. But moving means that you can sell that furniture, and start fresh somewhere great. You get to discover new areas, and your animal instincts will actually allow you to fall asleep anywhere.

Putting on weight.

Usually caused by making the lemonade first... Putting on weight is great, you get to buy new clothes, then lose the weight and buy new clothes again.

Life sucks sometimes, and inspo quotes are not the answer. Not everything happens for a reason, so when things turn sour, just get fat, then drink the tequila.

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