There's No Such Thing As A Typical Teenager

I'm going to tell you the truth.
All teens are different.
All teens are different.

If you're a teenager, the majority of people today will either classify you as "just a typical teen" or, if you're lucky, by your name.

But every teen is different. We don't have the same character traits. We don't act the same. We are all different people. There's no such thing as a typical teen. So I'm going to take you through the four most common things a 'typical teen' is accused of, and tell you the truth.

1. A typical teen will grunt or groan if somebody asks them a question.

First and foremost, not all teens grunt. Most of us like to verbalise whatever is going on in our head. When we do grunt, it's for a good reason. Imagine being asked to put out the rubbish late at night. Would you like it? No. But you decide not to share your thoughts. Unfortunately, this is just what we do. And that's just with some teens. Most teens would be happier than heaven to help out.

2. A typical teen spends half a day staring at iPads or video games.

Now, most people think that teens and electronic devices are two peas in a pod. I'll admit there are a lot of teens who prefer to be online than outside. It's understandable if you were brought up with all this stuff. It becomes normal. Yet, most teenagers are very active and would choose a fun game of backyard cricket over a gaming session.

3. A typical teen is always moody.

One of the biggest traits associated with teens is moodiness. This is when you suffer from mood swings and this happens when you're a teen. Like it or not. Again, everyone has their own character traits. So you'll get the teens who act as if they're the anti-Christ and then you'll get the angelic teacher's pets who don't suffer from any type of moodiness. We're not all the same.

4. Teens think the world revolves around them.

We are not all selfish and we don't think the world revolves around us. Although the teenage years are the 'big years', and the important years of evolving from a child to an adult, not everything is about us and we don't want it that way. Almost all of us have a social conscience and care very deeply about world issues just like everyone else.

So, I'd better talk about myself. Yes, I do groan and grunt sometimes. I do have bad mood swings and, at times, I can be selfish. But I don't define myself by these traits commonly associated with the 'typical teen'. I love spending time with the people who love me most, I love spending my hard-earned free time reading, I train every week to become a better athlete and I love to share my inner thoughts.

Now, enough about all of this nonsense. I'm going to sit down away from my annoying family, put my feet up, eat the rest of my brother's chocolate and spend some quality time on my iPad.