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I love this country. It is one where beers are always quiet, towns are named with the same word twice and everyone has been to Woop Woop at least once. I can't deny it; it's a bloody bewdy, this place. And any other day of the year, I would put another snag on the barbie and celebrate it.
Indigenous Australians are living longer than ever, but still die 25 years earlier than the non-indigenous population. The
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd will stump up $100,000 toward establishing a chair at the Australian National University
In late 2015 we have no national waste facility nor have we identified a possible future site. And we have a ship that is literally bringing this issue back home at a rate of knots.
You're never going to stop Aboriginal people from advocating passionately for a better deal. And as more and more of us achieve on the national and international stage, you can expect more and more uncomfortable truths to be raised
Get your spirit in the land, it is sacred. Our culture is strong and you can’t break it. This is our land, and you can’t