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Facebook plans to expand its community operations team by adding 3,000 people as part of a growing effort to screen and combat
Cases of abuse in the disability sector have also been exposed.
In her 35-year career, Nicole Kidman may have never guessed that an HBO miniseries would provide her with one of her most
"I brought him into this world, and I love him. I do all I can to help him. I'm 88 soon. I'm still battling." Jean, mother
We need to write a different ending to this story.
'Kill as many off these goatf**kers as you can' initially didn't violate Facebook's Community Standards.
It’s finally upon us - the long-awaited release of Fifty Shades Darker.
Domestic violence is never okay, least of all at Christmastime.
Victims of institutional child sexual abuse can apply for compensation.
People understand the effects of hitting a child or sexually abusing a child. A harder concept to grasp is the damage that is caused by calling a child “stupid” over and over again or telling them “they never should have been born”. Bruises fade, but making a child regret their own existence is a bit tougher to heal.