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The group promoted domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse of children
The 30-year-old was charged over the transmission of child abuse content.
Hundreds of pages of secret defence force documents leaked to the ABC give an unprecedented insight into the clandestine
Indonesia has suspended all military cooperation with Australia over allegedly insulting training material on display at
More than 2,000 Australian military personnel are currently serving overseas.
A major offensive to push ISIS from its last Iraqi stronghold is underway
Effectively, through the current legislation, the Australian Government purports to give to these survivors with one hand and take away from them with the other. This leads to unfair outcomes for survivors and precludes them from seeking justice through the courts for the abuse they have suffered.
The Government must account for the new security landscape confronting the nation; an era when non-traditional security threats like climate and resource security will be as pressing as traditional threats like terrorism or power dynamics in East Asia.
Trans advocate and 2016 Australian of the Year finalist Cate McGregor believes the new Australian of the Year, David Morrison