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But it’s not just young people who are affected by Instagram ― the UPitt study mentioned above dealt with adults up to age
Former first daughter Malia Obama spent a good part of her adolescence in the national spotlight as her dad, you know, led
Many women and men joined in on the #MeAt14 hashtag. Some described how naive they were at 14, reiterating that someone so
Wendell Melton, who police said has a prior conviction for domestic battery, was charged with murder, illegal possession
Nearly 20 years later, I still remember the struggle of growing up with a parent who had depression. As a child, I didn’t
It doesn’t matter if you grow up in India or China or the United States ― when it comes to learning what it means to be a
Karla and Ana describe overcoming shame and risking it all for a chance at their American dream.
Christina’s sister was 28 when she was formally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, though Christina, who asked
While being popular in high school might be every teenager’s goal, belonging to a tight-knit group may pay off more in the