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Now: 7. Having Boobs Then: Now: 8. Glasses Then: Now: 6. Odour Then: Now: Now: 2. Getting 'dressed up' Then: Now: 3. Wearing
  8. You pursue new hobbies.   7. You prioritise oral hygiene.    10. You take responsibility for things other than yourself
I have a wife, a kid, a job, and a car designed to ferry around young children whilst also having enough boot space to accommodate pushchairs and huge quantities of food. What I don't have are the feelings and attributes that I associate with adulthood.
Turning 30 is not something I looked forward to. As a 'strong, independent woman' I also feel I really shouldn't be making
If you've been to the airport or a book shop in the past few months you might've noticed a fair few colouring-in books for