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air pollution

Breathing dirty air damages our health and can create underlying conditions that dramatically elevate the risk of complications and death from COVID-19.
China’s manufacturing has taken a hit in recent weeks as the country has halted some transportation and quarantined residents to contain the virus.
Doctors have called for the government to address the “public health emergency” caused by Australia's worst bushfire season.
Parents are concerned about their children's health as authorities warn of continued poor air quality this bushfire season.
Health experts warn that people need to do "a lot more than" wearing masks as air pollution levels rise.
Health experts have warned Australians of the dangers of exercising outside as smoke haze continues to impact air quality.
Scientists discovered sooty particles in pregnant women's placentas
It is no surprise that humans continue to pollute the planet with our lifestyles, but it might come as a shock that the very
A new study from the University of Exeter has found that trees could be serve an additional function in the battle against
It's not just developing nations choking on their own smoke.