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Intellectual Property. Two words you hear a lot these days. Everyone bangs on about the need to protect their IP. To lock
The launch of Airbnb in 2008 ushered in a new wave of accommodation sharing services such as Love Home Swap and HomeAway
CANBERRA --- The Federal Opposition has moved to try and harness the economic potential of the sharing economy, while seeking
The funny thing is that you start to see your posessions in a different way -- like a resource to be shared rather than something to be owned. This is a pretty liberating mindset as items around you suddenly become revenue sources rather than depreciating assets.
It's time for government to get its hands off Australian innovation, and encourage disruption, not punish and deter. Until that happens, our economy and country are set for decades of slow growth that none of us can afford.
The train wreck I see coming if you take the shared economy to the max will be people competing in a saturated market place with ever-more-diminishing returns.
The sharing economy as we know it simply digitises the acts of collaborative consumption that have been mainstays for decades. Undeniably the capacity for connection and community has been amplified by technology, but the fundamentals of the process remain the same.