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When fetuses are given the same legal rights as people, pregnant women pay the price.
Actress Busy Philipps asked people to share their abortion stories on Wednesday using the hashtag #YouKnowMe.
The bill, which will now go to the governor's desk, would ban abortion in almost all cases.
Samantha Bee did not shy away from tackling sexual misconduct allegations against comedian Louis C.K. on Wednesday’s broadcast
A sixth woman has accused Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual harassment, and two other women have come forward
NEW YORK ― As President Donald Trump remains mum on allegations that  Senate nominee Roy Moore of Alabama sexually abused
Many women and men joined in on the #MeAt14 hashtag. Some described how naive they were at 14, reiterating that someone so
State election officials didn’t know whether their systems had been targeted until Friday.
A notorious opponent of same-sex marriage is suing the state of Alabama to recognize his union with a 2011 MacBook. Chris