aleppo airstrikes

Buses and ambulances moved into the besieged area.
“Every day that passes, it gets worse than the last.”
A barrel bomb killed a family of six in rebel-held eastern Aleppo early on Sunday and rebel shelling killed eight children
The move comes ahead of a “humanitarian pause” meant to allow civilians and rebels to leave the city.
A fresh offensive has killed hundreds in the past week, according to monitors.
“The planes are not leaving the sky, helicopters, barrel bombs, warplanes,” one resident said.
What if you had to make a decision between continuing to work as a child laborer to make ends meet for your family or planning to risk the choppy waters and dangerous journey of taking a refugee boat from Turkey to Greece? This is the dilemma of Shrivan, a 16-year-old boy who fled Aleppo, Syria three years ago to southern Turkey.