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“I have to give Nicole a lot of props,” expectant dad Todd Cameron told reporters.
Anonymous Global have claimed that NASA is “on the verge” of telling the world that they have discovered alien life in the
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has cast a critical eye over some upcoming sci-fi movies, and he’s not all that impressed
The sixth-largest moon of Saturn, Enceladus also features a vast global subsurface ocean covered by a thick icy surface layer
he British actor of stage and screen also received an Academy Award nom for 'Midnight Express' and was memorable in 'Alien
No one has found E.T. yet, but we may be getting closer.
But scientists searching for ETs aren't waiting around.
CANBERRA -- A super hero god and more xenomorphs than you can poke a very long stick at are on their way to Australia thanks