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The president's fans were angry at the network for calling Arizona for Joe Biden.
It's not clear who called the tune at the event in Arizona, but users on social media couldn't get over the song selection.
Ryan Reavis, 36, was arrested in Arizona on drug charges as authorities investigate the late rapper's death.
Charlotte Parker said the meat in the sandwich she was served was as "raw as it could be, pink as it could be.”
Nathan Sutherland, 36, who had been caring for the victim at the time of her assault, was linked to the case by DNA evidence, authorities said.
Dennis Dickey, the border patrol agent responsible for the blast, said he felt "absolutely horrible" for his role in triggering the 45,000-acre Arizona fire.
Two women try to teach three children how to be 'patriots' by trespassing and vandalising a mosque.
WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump on Monday defended his decision to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio during
Thousands of people were expected to gather at the Phoenix venue that hosted Trump’s rally, with some of the president’s