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The first lady told the talk show host that things happen for the best and that life will eventually “look better.”
There's more to the South Asian Australian home cook from Melbourne than meets the eye.
"You don't wanna be in a place that you don't feel wanted," the star of the acclaimed 2017 film told 'The Graham Norton Show'.
A TikTok video revealed a quirk that has fans talking -- and some are annoyed that this is still a thing in 2021.
This year's home cooks promise to bring diversity and delicious dishes to the show.
The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London last week.
On Instagram, James said the franchise “has fallen short” following racial controversy on his season that HuffPost can report led him to reevaluate his final decision.
The actor turned political artist has railed against Donald Trump in his cartoons.
"I want us to have fun together, to explore each other. Does that sound pleasing to you?” the Duke of Hastings from 'Bridgerton' wooed in his hosting debut.
Facebook has also appeared to have blocked its own page in Australia.