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The actor said he had chosen to share his experience to show other victims of racism that "you don’t have to suffer in silence".
The athletic apparel brand said the offensive shirt wasn't its product and the executive who promoted it on Instagram is "no longer an employee."
"I think so much stress comes from feeling you can’t say what’s going on."
"They just stared at me like I was the worst thing to walk the earth."
Gary Locke's inclusion in the ad indirectly reinforces an insidious pattern of Asian Americans being asked to prove they’re American and being seen as “other.”
The shopper said he was taken aback by the comment when he picked up a 10-roll pack of toilet paper from a convenience store.
The teenage suspect reportedly said he thought the family was Chinese and spreading the coronavirus.
The Marvel star is still in Australia after the film's production shut down when the director got tested for Covid-19.
The day celebrating cultural diversity is particularly important this year as some communities face racism amid the coronavirus crisis.
The coronavirus pandemic is fuelling racism that often unfolds right in front of bystanders.