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1 in 3 international students and backpackers are paid about half the legal minimum wage.
The two young women who were viciously assaulted on a deserted South Australian beach in 2016 have spoken out.
"I'm sitting in the cubicle where Mia died and apparently she fought for her life. Even with chest injuries, even after a
He jumped into a river to make himself look good. It didn't end well.
The partner of deceased backpacker survived alone in a remote hut for 4 weeks.
Last week, the Federal Tourism Minister announced that he would lead the review on the controversial 'backpacker tax'. From July, the proposed tax rule would consider backpackers as non-resident and tax them 32.5 cents from the first dollar they earn, scrapping their existing $18,200 tax-free threshold. But what will this mean for backpackers?
Like many tourist hotspots around the world, Sydney – though beautiful – can be a bit tough on the 'ole travel wallet. While