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bill Shorten

There is huge economic and community potential in the emerging peer-to-peer market. I want to see Australia embrace it, while ensuring we have the right rules in place to protect workers, consumers and the public good.
CANBERRA --- The Federal Opposition has moved to try and harness the economic potential of the sharing economy, while seeking
CANBERRA – The landmark free trade agreement between Australia and China is set to pass parliament, with the federal opposition
ChAFTA is a landmark victory for Australians, opening up a cornucopia of future export opportunities. It will boost Australian jobs, creating new possibilities and demand in our economy.
Video by Emily Verdouw SYDNEY -- Treasurer Scott Morrison has declared the current debate about penalty rates “boring” and
CANBERRA – Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has accused the Prime Minister of giving the scrapped WorkChoices industrial regime
Malcolm Turnbull’s coup against Tony Abbott has given the Government an immediate boost in the polls, putting the Coalition
More Labor voters prefer Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister to their own party leader Bill Shorten, a snap Roy Morgan poll
CANBERRA -- The Federal Opposition has urged the Prime Minister to “seize the moment” of the world’s refugee crisis and has
Former prime minister John Howard has urged voters to use the Canning by-election to send Opposition Leader Bill Shorten