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Biological Sciences

As officials try to assuage fears, Christian Romero says his brother has already died from leptospirosis.
Currently, she's a UFO: An underappreciated feline orbiter.
It might seem pretty obvious to dog lovers, but researchers have found scientific evidence suggesting that dogs use facial
Athletes who had qualified for the 2016 Olympics faced a difficult choice. Earlier that year, the World Health Organisation
Researchers have found that Neanderthals passed on a lot more traits than you might think including skin tone, hair colour
We know that humans first started to migrate out of Africa around 60,000 years ago, what we've never been entirely sure of
A team of researchers have discovered large piece of polystyrene floating less than 1000-miles from the North Pole. The shocking
UPDATE: Aug. 26 ― The Guggenheim will not be showing the three animal-related works that have sparked protests, the museum
There were also ass-less chaps, for good measure: According to the show’s invitation, the collection was inspired by the
Videos taken inside the park on Saturday showed Gatorland employees carrying pythons around their shoulders and legs as they