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I’ve been a fly on the wall when white people didn’t know anyone of colour was looking or listening.
Racial microaggressions may be a more subtle type of prejudice, but their effects can be damaging to the mental and physical health of the Black community.
Here's how to show your support for and put money in the pockets of Black business owners.
In a racist incident gone viral, Amy Cooper called the police on Christian Cooper, claiming there was “an African American man threatening my life.”
Lee Gray came out to his traditional Caribbean family in an unusual manner but thankfully they were welcoming of his decision to come out. However, Lee is well aware that his experience isn’t the norm across the black community and has set up a podcast helping black people navigate through the world of LGBTQ. His advice? Create your own space to be the person that you want to be.
“This problem is not simply about the actions of individuals, but about the actions of all of society."
To be black and to be conscious and to have a voice flies in the face of white supremacy.
Saturday morning, President Donald Trump attempted to rescind a White House invitation he apparently had never extended, when
What would it look like for a young, black Muslim woman to occupy space in the world ― fiercely, freely and without wasting
The neo-Nazis at the Daily Stormer have nothing nice to say about Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old paralegal who was killed