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“But did you paint your nose and your hands brown?" they asked the Liberal leader.
Regardless of Trudeau's political fate, we can all learn from our mistakes.
The Canadian PM says he could not be “definitive” about the number of times he wore racist makeup.
Gucci head Marco Bizzarri thanked Harlem fashion icon Dapper Dan for helping bring community leaders to the table to meet with the CEO.
A 10-year-old photo has landed a staffer of Labor leader Bill Shorten in hot water.
The reality TV star says she’s “learned” from the experience.
At the crux of it, not being defined by your skin colour is a luxury that many of us don't enjoy. That is the problem with blackface; how that definition can affect you. We are all so much more than the colour of our skin.
Now aware of blackface's origins, he won't accept the naivety.