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I have gone to parties dressed as Madonna and Ellen De Generes, and it did not even cross my mind to make my skin appear fairer for the occasions. If anyone wondered why I had chosen to come 'dressed as a white person', they certainly didn't tell me. Instead, I actually got kudos for thinking outside the box, and let my actual costume do all the work.
In response to a number of recent blackface incidents, Indigenous actor Bjorn Stewart has spoken out in a parody video how
Let's say you decided you wanted to dress as Ketan Joshi, and you don some glasses, a fake beard, a red skivvy and a tan blazer. Cool! That's what I look like. Except, you're not finished...
Public discourse on racism should require a level playing field, but in some cases those with lived experience of racism aren't even allowed on the field.
Well, it's going to be an interesting year as Australia's national women's basketball team, the Opals, count down to the