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border force

More of what we're already doing, with fewer resources.
Terror suspects, drug traffickers and organised crime figures were intercepted.
It's time for the Turnbull government to reconsider the role of the Border Force and the legislative powers that it exercises
In Brisbane, however union staff reported two-hour delays. Virgin is also offering those booked in to fly to Bali this week
SYDNEY -- Holidaymakers and business travellers are being warned they could face big delays at airports around the nation
CANBERRA – Remember that crime fighting operation in Melbourne that did not get off the ground because the Australian Border
The United Nations has postponed a planned visit to Australia because the federal government cannot guarantee legal immunity
Get ready for more than a week of pain if you’re flying in or out of Australia, with strikes hitting international airports
John Oliver has roasted Tony Abbott on the Emmy Awards red carpet, announcing "ding dong, Tony is dead". Speaking to entertainment
I do not think people truly understand how terrifying it is to realise that your skin colour puts you at risk and that it can be a huge liability. Even as a woman of colour, I did not fully comprehend it until recently.