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Brain Science

NEW YORK ‚Äē Former Google engineer James Damore‚Äôs controversial memo¬†that¬†led to his firing¬†earlier this week cited evolutionary
With every passing year our brains tend to get a little less sharp, because like every other organ in the body, our brain
The largest-ever brain imaging study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led scientists to say the condition
Pills to prevent cognitive decline are in the works. Here‚Äôs the latest‚ÄĒplus, some tips for staying sharp until they‚Äôre on the market.
In people with Alzheimer’s disease, a new investigational drug can dramatically reduce the amount of amyloid beta plaque
Texting is more than a ‚Äúsimple distraction.‚ÄĚ
Can you bring a person back from the dead? A groundbreaking trial has just got ethical approval to try and do just that. A
Scientists are investigating whether a cancer drug could help men, who are sexually aroused by children, control their urges
As our understanding of the brain advances, neuroscience is coming to hold an increasingly important but complicated place