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Activist Yarraka Bayles says her son, who has dwarfism, is severely bullied every single day.
"Funny — as you slur your words so frequently, many of us wonder if YOUR teeth keep falling out," tweeted Mia Farrow.
The environment and a "disturbing level of bullying" were other key issues for Australian teenagers.
Aaron Gouveia said his manicure aimed to highlight the "real danger of toxic masculinity."
When it comes to bullying, we often think of playground tactics such as pulling hair and stealing lunch money. But actually
Before Daniel Franzese reached icon status in “Mean Girls,” he starred in the independent film “Bully,” his first experience
Many parents live in fear of their child being targeted by the playground bully; stealing their lunch money, calling them
Bullying might seem like a playground issue, but the reality is it’s a major problem in UK workplaces too. There are many
More than half of children in England (61%) have confessed they would hide or change their outward appearance in order to
Most of us see the bullying going on but do not seek to stop it.