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For the uninitiated, pigging refers to the hideous practice (instigated by young men) of asking women out as a joke or a
“Let’s empower each other to be kinder and braver.”
As British media personality Milo Yiannopoulos’ star began to rise, he suddenly found sympathizers in some pretty unlikely
Aussie initiative 'Drumbeat' is a way to help kids express their emotions.
Some tweeters suggested that Melania Trump might want to bring up the issue of online bullying with her husband while others
It's about self-esteem, social skills and, of course, your support.
If we continue to use the term, we are failing victims, and should be ashamed of ourselves.
“There was a phase at our school when people would create Instagram accounts such as ‘Local slags’ or ’School whores,” one
Squad nights are supposed to be fun. This squad night turned ugly, however.  People Magazine reports that after posting the
“Traditional” bullying like name-calling and exclusion still far outstrips cyber-bullying among teens - despite the huge