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WASHINGTON - It was only a matter of time before kids started picking up the aggressive, divisive language that’s become
Not only do I completely reject the idea of LGBT kids trying to physically do violence upon their bullies, the idea that violence is somehow "conditioning" for harder knocks in life further perpetuates this ham-fisted Antipodean belief that if you're given "the bash", it's your duty to bash back.
That people are bullied, victimised, and even assaulted because of their sexuality in contemporary Australia is completely unacceptable.
Seven out of 10 Australian girls aged between 15 and 19 believe that receiving unwanted and uninvited sexually explicit content
It's funny how the seemingly small things cause the greatest angst for kids -- a sneer from a sibling, a curt remark from a teacher or being left off a classmate's birthday party invitation list can leave a child feeling insecure, even sad.
There are "serious mental health consequences" for young people who are bullied at school, a charity is warning, as it emerged
Australian teen fashion house Supré has made a $300,000 commitment to national youth mental health organisation, headspace
The term bullying has become more widespread over the years, and for good reason. But there seems to be a lack of understanding
Every time we accept the status quo of poor behavior, we are endorsing it. A strong leader should not only advise of behavior that is appropriate, they should embody it. They should be the person telling us that we don't tolerate bullying or harassment.
The president of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has taken to YouTube to deliver an unreserved apology to people