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chris cuomo

"If you got off Trump’s teat a little bit, maybe you wouldn’t be thinking about breast milk so much," the CNN anchor fumed.
"The word bears no resemblance to anything the former president was about," the CNN anchor said of a typo on a key document defending Trump.
The CNN anchor took exception with the South Carolina Republican's latest defence of Donald Trump.
The CNN anchor couldn't believe the president stayed silent so long about the alleged terror scheme against Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
CNN host refuses to air the audio of Trump speaking from the White House after his return from Walter Reed medical center.
CNN host and Texas senator get loud as segment flies off the rails.
The CNN host issued a blunt reminder of the US president's previous election vows.
"I'm not 100%," the CNN host told Dr Sanjay Gupta on "Cuomo Prime Time."
The CNN host thinks the president's response to the coronavirus crisis will be defined by one critical word.
The CNN host shook his booty after recovering from the coronavirus and now we're shook.