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It’s easy to think of all the good habits we wish we had. And, as it turns out, setting good habits can be a powerful way
Hands up who enjoys doing chores? Yeah, we hear you. Tragically, though, ignoring the dust accumulating on top of every surface
When it comes to housework, most of us are severely overworked. The typical American spends an average 14 hours per week
When it comes to chores, there are quite a few which can be conveniently put off until the unspecified time of "later". Things
You know we're living in a society overrun with clutter when a housewares executive admits the world has too much stuff. Sure
We all have that friend: every time you go to her house, everything is in its place, the counters are shining, and the toilet
As far as new year's resolutions go, some are more daunting than others. Giving up smoking or drinking less? Not so fun. Playing
Having Christmas at yours, or hosting a New Year's Eve bash? Fun! But also, messy. Planning ahead and being strategic can
Your mother-in-law just called--she thought she'd surprise you with an unscheduled visit to catch up. How nice. You accept