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And it isn’t just those who work in the mines who are paying coal’s human price.
He says he's worked underground for three years and he should know.
The harm done in the last 10 years cannot be undone. The next steps could not be more important.
WASHINGTON — From flooding in coastal cities to conflicts driven by food and water shortages, people are already feeling
President Donald Trumpannounced plans to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on Thursday with a White House speech that
“The Paris Agreement is too costly for the United States,” Adam Brandon, president of conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks
The side that opposed the climate deal took a more radical, ideological approach fueled by the belief that the overwhelming
In exiting the deal, Trump would have the support of the 22 Republican senators who last week wrote him a letter urging him
NEW YORK ― If the United States withdraws from the Paris Agreement, rivals such as China, Russia and Iran will fill the void
The White House will decide next week on whether to remain in the Paris Agreement, the historic climate 2015 pact President