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President Donald Trump signed executive orders on Tuesday to push forward the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, opening
Although the move will almost certainly face legal challenges, officials say it will “stand the test of time.”
President Barack Obama will use his executive authority to permanently block offshore drilling in large swaths of the Arctic
The pollution has put northern China on red alert.
What it means for the reef, the industry and the future.
'We are witnessing a transformation of global power.'
Today’s COAG meeting of energy Ministers should work towards a coordinated national plan to transform Australia’s energy system.
As South Australian emergency workers seek to restore order to a state battered by extreme weather and an energy system unable to cope, plunging 70000 people into darkness, we need to ask why the Australian government isn’t better prepared to deal with the type of extreme weather climate scientists have been warning of for years.
More than three million records from the Victoria Coastal Passenger Lists are now public
The reliance of much of the developing world on renewable, local sources of electricity generation counters the narrative that coal is the only option for developing countries to achieve a Western standard of living.