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cold war

The famed author was a former intelligence agent turned writer behind great works such as "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."
“He’s fiercely proud of his country and his service,” Gilmore said. “The photo of him kneeling is a nice statement from someone
This represents NATO’s biggest military build-up since the Cold War.
Fuel and radioactive coolant was left at Camp Century, built in 1959 as part of U.S. research into the potential for nuclear missile launch sites in the Arctic.
As the heads of state and government for the 28 members of NATO gather in Warsaw Friday and Saturday, there are choppy waters
Imagine the population of Sydney completely gone. That is what has happened in Syria -- 5 million refugees have fled the country. And more that 6 million have lost their homes within Syria and are internally displaced.
As tensions continue to escalate between Russia and the West, the Pentagon has announced plans to deploy U.S. troops, armed
The West is pushing Russia towards "a new Cold War" because of "unfriendly" policies, the country's prime minister has said