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Comedian Jon Stewart returned to standup on Tuesday night, and wasted no time going after one of his favorite targets: Donald
Tinder is often criticised as the app that's killed dating and romance. So what would it look like if it existed in the era
was pumping and holiday lights -- that signature house-party fixture -- were strung throughout a living room that, for the
"Saturday Night Live" gave America a picture of what Donald Trump's White House might be like during the Republican presidential
Escargore from Media Design School on Vimeo. Here's a genre you didn't know existed -- snail horror comedy. Escargore is
James Bond must have a tricky life. Often his car will end up inexplicably smashed to pieces in the middle of a chase, and
Aussie comedian Greg Fleet has opened up about the family that shaped him and his long-running battle with heroin in a sit
"We should make a bad reality show of my life." It's the day after a big night, you're sitting around on your friend's back
Stafford Brothers feat Rick Ross & Jay Sean � "When You Feel This" - watch more funny videos Chris Lilley has been quiet
Ten thousand years in the Disney vault can give you such a crick in the neck, but it's worth it to see this unreleased Robin