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Some are claiming they can see both.  A Facebook Group with over 98,000 members called Girlsmouth has unwittingly unleashed
We’ve come across plenty of baby shower cakes that graphically depict the birth of a baby, but that’s not the only unappetising
“Saturday Night Live” returned with vengeance in its 43rd season Saturday, doing its best to catch up with President Donald
For as long as there have been gay people in gay bars, there have also been straight people in gay bars ― and their presence
While it marks the first time the award has been shared, it also marks a sad reality for LGBTQ comedians.
If the 🧀  emoji is consistently among your most-used ones (perhaps next to 🍷 and 🥖), we have gouda news for you. Jan. 20
An original stand-up set with archival footage is coming Sept. 19.
Donald Trump says he has "the best words," but now some of those are coming back to haunt his supporters. While hanging out
There’s no doubt about it that the internet, and Twitter in particular, can be guilty of acting as a breeding ground for
Brits are furiously debating what colour a cup of tea should be, all thanks to a viral Pantone tea chart. Twitter account