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cronulla riots

Police, in small numbers at the BBQ site, swarmed to the counter protest. A line of black riot squad police formed a human
A far right group has declared it will host a BBQ in a Cronulla park on the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla riots, hours
A PLANNED rally to mark the tenth anniversary of the Cronulla Riots has been banned by the NSW Supreme Court. Justice Christine
Prior to that grim summer's day, Cronulla had been my home for 23 years and I would proudly sing its praises wherever my travels took me. The place remains one of geographical splendor, but the unfortunate racial events that occurred 10 years ago cast an ugly shadow over a proud community.
A decade on from the Cronulla riots, the nation is still shocked at the footage of violent, alcohol-fueled anarchy. On Sunday
A far-right group planning "the biggest Aussie pride rally this country has ever seen" to "commemorate" the 10th anniversary
A mature national conversation about racism in Australia is predicated on the successful negotiation of an alternative middle narrative. In order to do this, we as a nation must confront some discomfiting truths.