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Australia's CSIRO found that at 20 degrees Celsius the SARS-COV-2 virus remained infectious for almost a month on certain surfaces.
An aviation expert finds it "perplexing" authorities aren't reacting to new evidence.
New reports have found 12 "probably man-made" objects in the Indian Ocean.
It's the third most lucrative crime in the world, behind smuggling drugs and weapons.
They are not all deadly and some are quite beautiful.
The CSIRO is helping Aussies make it through Xmas Day lunch in one piece.
Who knew public servants packed such healthy lunches?
On the one hand, innovation is the golden ticket to a prosperous future. On the other, expensive research is viewed as merely discretionary and is inevitably the first casualty of a tough budget. It's a dichotomy which must be nothing short of maddening for our scientists.