Cultural identity

Actors Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu, Gemma Chan and Chris Pang want the public, authorities and the media to pay more attention to anti-Asian attacks related to COVID-19.
The reality star worried people would “judge” her and teammate Sefa by the “colour of our skin”.
The reality show contestants say they want to broaden the image of Sikhs beyond the "taxi drivers and 7-Eleven workers" caricature.
The Fijian Australian singer said she only "started dealing" with her trauma a few years ago.
Melbourne's Amritha Shakti sang India's national anthem at the Boxing Day match after being discovered on Instagram.
There won’t be big food fairs or mass prayer sessions, but rather, intimate family gatherings and online observances.
"To be a white man calling out racism is important."
The 11-year-old granddaughter of refugees will be the figure of representation her parents didn't see growing up.
The reality TV star said her trip to Greece last year helped her reconnect with her culture and ancestry.