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While this one is valid, since many find it confusing that it's legal for those who are deaf to drive, but illegal for people
"I didn't have any skills. I had to learn everything again."
A deaf couple who have been married for 12 years have just heard each other for the first time. Neil and Helen Robinson, from
Shaylee Mansfield has been sharing her sign language Xmas stories since she was four.
A young Canberra boy, who learned sign language to help his deaf friend at school, has won a special humanity award from
'Any person with a disability will tell you the most disabling thing in our lives is people’s attitudes.' 
But imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t just pick up a phone and talk to a friend, loved one or colleague. You couldn’t phone for a haircut appointment, change a restaurant booking, or call a help desk.
From the outset, Macy Baez is just like any other fashion-forward teen: ocean blue Rihanna-esque nails, a bandana and immaculate