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“Punch her in the face,” one suspect apparently said, according to the documents.
Babies crawl around on mats, playing with colourful plastic toys. Toddlers and parents sit on the floor chatting. A bag of
Cees would visit Nel in the nursing home twice a day, every day.
It’s common for people to think dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are just two terms for exactly the same thing - but they
"I can still have meaningful relationships -- don't be shy around me."
Carers and sufferers battle stigmas surrounding the illness.
If you dream a lot when you sleep you may be less likely to develop dementia, new research suggests.  A study by a Swinburne
Most people associate the early stages of dementia with symptoms such as getting confused or struggling to recall details
Ninety-one-year-old lovebirds Nic and Trees Elderhorst kissed each other goodbye and, while still holding hands, died together
Sudoku and other “brain-training” games do little to prevent dementia, contrary to widespread belief, a report has revealed