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Gases are pushing the carcasses of minks killed in Denmark out of their shallow burial spot.
Everyone has a connection to water. It does not discriminate.
Full and partial face veils such as burqas and niqabs divide opinion across Europe.
On Thursday the BBC and AFP reported prosecutors are expected to ask for the new charges when Madsen appears in court in
A headless torso which was found on the water’s edge in Copenhagen is that of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who police believe
Entrepreneur Peter Madsen said Kim Wall's death was an accident, and he 'buried her at sea'.
Graffiti nearby urged Denmark to "defend the whales of the Faroe Islands."
The death of 2-year-old Marius in 2014 sparked global outrage.
She still says we're being'swamped by Asians'.
Just days after Denmark passed a law allowing the government to seize valuables from incoming refugees to help pay for their