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We all have bad days. It's just that in our first-world lives a typical 'bad day' is less about life and death, and more about inconvenience, machines not working and awkward interactions.
What is most interesting about our compromised personal data, and the key point that Orwell missed, is that we give it up so freely. We fling our data out there like caution to the wind because, who cares right? It's out there anyway.
Are we all just a little bit obsessed with ourselves? Will we too, like the original Narcissus, become so fixated with our appearance and the perfect selfie that we'll just wither away and die?
We're all guilty of using inaccurate language every day. We still "hang up" our mobile phones, even though it's a finger swipe or button press and not the satisfying clang of a receiver to its cradle. We still call it an "SMS" (Short Message Service), even though it could be 140 words instead of characters now. And we wouldn't arch an eyebrow if someone wanted to watch a "film".
Teenagers are great cultural milestones. Through them, we can see how technology and other trends have changed over the years. Take the example of an early morning rush for the bus...