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The Australian paralympian says he “hated having a disability” when younger, but playing sport changed that.
"To face double discrimination really hits your confidence and makes you feel worthless."
A disability advocate tweeted that the sign illustrates “how little society thinks of disabled people.”
A Canadian project shines light on the range of emotions those with the syndrome experience.
In one tweet — which now has nearly 300,000 likes — I owned my beauty. For the first time in my life, I felt worthy and deserving.
"Society’s view is that disabled people don’t, won’t and can’t have sex."
People who don’t need Braille don’t tend to know a huge amount about how it works. Its system of raised dots can seem quite
Alfie’s stories are also educating the wider public about disability issues, which others are often unaware of. “People who
Microsoft has launched a new app that describes everything around you, in real time.